UPDATE: Shani’s Ideas is currently on hiatus.

Welcome to my music blog! This blog is for any and all music-related topics, from music events like the Grammys and APMAs to introducing new or lesser-known artists.

Shani’s Ideas began as a class assignment in 2016. I’d debated starting a music blog for a few years, and figured why not?

I’ve always been obsessed with music. I almost always have earbuds in or music playing in the background. It’s become a hobby of sorts to find new music, and I try to make it to concerts when I can. My first show was in July 2016, Disturbed and Breaking Benjamin. My favorite show to date was an All Time Low acoustic show in June 2017.

On this blog, I do reviews, Track by Tracks on older albums, and occasionally New Music Tuesdays.

The genres this website focuses on is pop-punk and rock, as I’m a big listener of the two genres and various sub-genres. I do occasionally write about other genres or music-related things, such as Broadway and movie musicals. So if you’re a fan of any of those, give this blog a follow and join me on a musical adventure!

For any bands looking for reviews, features, etc., click here to contact me.