Vote Posters

What I liked about these three posters was how simple the design was in each. The graphics were minimal, didn’t overdo it with the text, and conveyed their messages easily. The first poster, though, was my favorite. I’m a music lover, so the reference there caught my eye.The icons along the bottom are mimicking those that were used on early iPods, clearly trying to draw in and encourage younger voters to vote by making the upcoming election seem more relevant to them. It’s also very simple: there is no text clutter, no extraneous images or visuals–just a simple poster that efficiently conveys its desired message.

When I looked at the posters from this year, the first thing I noticed was the red, white and blue theme that appeared in all but a few. These three in particular pulled my attention, especially the red one. It made me think of the musical Hamilton, which portrays (in creator Lin-Manuel Miranda’s words) two politicians “locked in a dirty, ugly, mudslinging political [presidential] campaign”–quite similar to the current presidential debate. The musical tells the story of founding father Alexander Hamilton, and all he did to help shape America. This poster is reaching out and encouraging today’s generation to act as Hamilton did: to shape the future of our country, by voting.


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