Track by Track: “Future Hearts”

Track by Track: “Future Hearts”

Welcome to my first Track-by-Track! In these posts, I’ll be going through albums track by track and commenting on each one. I’ll usually include links to backstory and music videos, cuz why not keep it interactive? I chose Future Hearts by All Time Low for my first one, because I have loved this band since junior year of high school. This is their 5th studio album, released in 2015. If you’re a fan, comment your favorite track from the album!

1. “Satellite

The opening track is about broken dreams and a past dark path, but knowing you have a bright path ahead of you. I don’t listen to this particular track a lot, it’s not really a favorite of mine. But I do like knowing that tidbit of information about the song. satellite

2. “Kicking and Screaming”

This is definitely one of ATL’s more punk-y songs. I like it a lot, it has a good sound. It is such a pump-up song, I always feel energized when I listen to this track. It is that song you put on first when you start doing homework to get yourself motivated and working. kicking-and-screaming-2

3. “Something’s Gotta Give”

LOVE THIS SONG. It has been one of my favorites since it was initially released as a single. The music video is freaky though–it makes me think they got some inspiration from Brendon Urie (Panic! At the Disco). I would not recommend watching if you are not a zombie fan.

4. “Kids in the Dark”

This is one of my go-to songs for when I’m feeling low or having an anxiety attack. It’s that song that every band has: the one song that is meant to be a support song for fans who are in a bad place, to remind them they’re not alone and that they’ll be okay. It’s that song that says the band relates, they’ve been where you are and know how you feel–and that you’ll get through this.

5. “Runaways

runaways-phoneWhile there is a music video for this track, it’s more of a Future Hearts tour video than a music video. If you’re curious though, click here to check it out! I like this song, but I don’t have any particularly strong attachment to it. Also, if anyone wants to get me the lyric phone case (shown on right), I will have no complaints!

6. “Missing You”

Truth time: I cried the first time I heard this song. It was one of those songs that I just instantly felt like someone out there understood and empathized with how I felt, especially when I’m low or having an anxiety attack. I love how the band incorporated fans into the music video. This is one of the top tracks I want to hear ATL play live.

7. “Cinderblock Garden”

This is one of my favorite tracks on the album. I can’t really explain why, just sound-wise it’s so pleasing and I just love it. It’s one of my favorite ATL songs. It also kind of makes me think of a reverse Beauty and the Beast situation, with the girl being the one behind the walls. I’m a total B&tB sucker so yet another reason I love this song.


8. “Tidal Waves” ft Mark Hoppus (Blink-182)

tidal-waves-2I honestly don’t listen to this song as much as I should. The song is about a girl who was dating the singer until she ditched him for someone else; this girl is now trying to get him back, but heis still bitter and refuses to take her back. What I like about this track is it’s a bit more serious, adding a grown up sound to Future Hearts.

9. “Don’t You Go”

So this song is about a one night stand and the guy is trying to convince the girl to stay. I really like this song, yet for some reason I always forget about it. Like “Tidal Waves,” I really don’t listen to this song as much as I should. don't you go 1.jpg

10. “Bail Me Out” ft Joel Madden (Good Charlotte)

I love how humorous this song is. This whole album has a more mature sound, yet then you have this song. It makes me think more of the band’s past stuff. I honestly hope they’ll make a music video for it because let’s be real, it would be too funny.


11. “Dancing With a Wolf

I just looked up exactly what this song is about and I love it. It’s supposed to be a “F— you” to someone who’s repeatedly cheated on the singer and keeps getting caught. Now that I know this, I like this song so much better (and it makes a lot more sense).


12. “The Edge of Tonight

According to lead singer Alex Gaskarth, he wrote this song as a ballad. He described it as “a love song about those moments when you’re miles away from home and the only thing getting you through is the knowledge you’re going home to someone that cares about you.” And like “Dancing With a Wolf,” I now love this song even more.


13. “Old Scars/Future Hearts

Click the song title for the true meanings of the track, as I want to focus on my own interpretation for this one. Until I read the link, I genuinely thought that this song was somehow talking about abortion. It was something about the line “Those memories of the future hearts you killed.” But it apparently isn’t and I’m kind of glad because that would be so sad.


Thanks for reading my first Track-by-Track! I hope you enjoyed it, stay tuned and give this blog a follow for more if you liked it! And head over to my Say Hello! page for links to my social media–I plan to use them for updates on new blogs!



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