So Who Am I?

So Who Am I?

I realize I probably should have done this “hey get to know me!” post first, but oh well.

screenshot-265Hey there! My name is Shani, and I’m obsessed with music. My love for music is a big part of who I am and is well-known by those around me, often resulting in me getting a lot of music-themed paraphernalia over the years. I’m that person who almost always has earbuds in, and keeps music playing in the background while doing just about everything. Showering, cleaning, just hanging around–you name it, I usually will have music playing. (And when it’s not music, it’s usually Netflix.)

I figure most people reading this don’t follow me on my music Instagram, so let me give you some background on my music history. I grew up listening to classic rock, thanks to my parents. Although back then, I didn’t like that kind of music at all and the sound bothered me. You’ll laugh at this soon.

I used to mainly listen to pop and Disney artists (I was in middle school. Don’t judge). It wasn’t really until junior year of high school that I started to wean off pop music and get into real music–aka, rock and punk music. This was because I met my best friend that year, who properly introduced me to bands like All Time Low and Sleeping With Sirens. Her introduction led to me venturing further into that music scene and discovering new artists on my own. Now, my favorite bands include Pierce the Veil, As It Is, Sleeping With Sirens, Green Day, Disturbed, Nirvana, All Time Low, Black Veil Brides, Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, and many more. The amount of pop music I listen to has shrunk to the point where I’m super out of it when it comes to the pop scene.

So now, I listen to a whole lot more than just pop punk and various strains of punk/rock music. My music taste now is quite weird and diverse, but I do love it. If you were to go through my music now, you’d see country, Broadway showtunes, pop punk, screamo, heavy metal, some pop, classic rock, and probably other stuff that I’m forgetting. At this point in my life, music has become a huge part of my world. I’m even studying to go into music production–I want to be able to create what I love, to make what has done so much for me to do the same for others. (But this is all stuff for another post.)

Besides music, I also love reading and am a huge book nerd. Like, won’t-see-the movie-first-and-super-judgmental-of-book-based-movies, looks-for-fandom-stuff-online book nerd.  I also love doing theater, and have participated in my alma mater’s summer community shows. And of course, like most people nowadays I am a Netflix person. I’m currently working through Supernatural, I just finished season 4 so I have quite a ways to go.

If you want to keep up with me and my music taste, go give me a follow on Instagram (links are in my Say Hello! page). Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me, and stay tuned for future updates!


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