New Music Monday: Something More

New Music Monday: Something More

Welcome to the first weekly New Music Monday! Every Monday, I’ll be writing a quick blog about a new artist or music I’ve discovered or am into lately, to introduce others to new music!

We’re beginning with local punk band Something More. Centered in Bel Air, MD, the band has been together since 2011. Their members include Tim Jagielski (lead vocals, guitar), Phil Rasinski (guitar, vocals), Chad Nunnally (bass), Brian Rasinski (drums), and Nate Swartz (guitar). They recently signed with Common Ground Records.

I initially discovered Something More through Emo Night. They were featured on the event’s Instagram, and the fact that they were a local punk band piqued my interest as I’ve been trying to find more bands in my local scene. I started listening to the band’s music on Spotify, and I was instantly hooked. Something More has a true, classic modern garage punk sound. Something about their music just instantly hooks you in, and you’ll gladly listen to it.

Check out the band’s most recent music video for their single “Maybe It’s Just Me” off their most recent EP Dogs.

Something More is performing next on February 4 at the Raven Inn with several other bands! If you’re curious about these guys, definitely go and check them out.


And with that, I give you the first of many New Music Monday’s! Leave a comment if you check out Something More and tell me what you thought, and what your favorite track so far is. And don’t forget to give them a follow on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and check out their YouTube channel for more videos!


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