The Return of Avril Lavigne?

The Return of Avril Lavigne?

sk8r-boi-2Let’s be real: when Avril first came onto the scene when we were just kids, you couldn’t not like her. She was a bold punk chick with a “don’t f*** with me” vibe, with songs that we slowly grew to empathize with as we hit those oh-so-fun teenage years. Avril wasn’t afraid to call things as they were and sing about what we were all feeling. Her don’t-care skater style, colorful hair and equally colorful lyrics instantly drew you in. Avril was real, human, and hella awesome. To this day, I’m still hooked on her music and count Avril classics like “Smile” and “Sk8r Boi” among my favorite songs. Her music is my energy boost music: the loud music and pump-up sound never fails to get me going.

avril-lavigneThen, in 2013, Avril released her self-titled album. I don’t know about anyone else, but I was kind of disappointed. Avril had changed her sound a lot, and had only a few tracks that fell in with her signature sound. I’m normally all for artists expanding and experimenting with her sound, but it just didn’t sound like her at all. I understand that she was in her late 20s when the album was released and the “teen punk chick” look and sound is harder to maintain when you’re older–but plenty of artists have maintained the roots of their sound even as they get older (cough cough Green Day). Even after listening to Avril (the album) several times, it still isn’t among my favorite of Avril’s work. Only a few tracks really stood out to me, like “Rock N Roll.”

It’s been 4 years since Avril’s last album was released. Understandably, she has been otherwise preoccupied with battling Lyme disease, and I’d much rather she focus on working to recover than produce new music. Health comes first. But I was simultaneously starting to wonder if she would ever release anything new again–or if Avril had finally decided to step down from the music scene.

That thought caused some inner nerves, as I really like her music and would be pretty bummed if Avril was leaving the music scene. So earlier today, while prepping for a new Instagram post of Avril lyrics, I decided to hit up her Instagram for any hints to future music, and I wasn’t disappointed: I found a few posts where Avril mentions that she’s working on new music. As if that wasn’t enough to cheer me up, it sounds like she’s planning to release a new album this year. Of all the artists releasing new music this year, Avril’s new album is high on my list of “albums I’m excited for.”

If you’re as excited as me over this news, leave a comment below! Tell me what your favorite Avril Lavigne song is. And Get to Know Me by following me on social media!


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