New Music Monday: The Cab

New Music Monday: The Cab

I kind of have a track record with getting into big bands waay after they were big and released their most famous songs, so bear with me.

Members l-r: Chance Johnson, Dave Briggs, Alex DeLeon, Joey Thunder

The Cab was a 4-member band from from Las Vegas, NV. Like quite a few pop punk bands, the Cab started out as two high school friends–Alex DeLeon and former member Cash Colligan–jamming and later on adding in more members. However, the Cab underwent what I call the “Panic! At the Disco treatment:” aka, had a revolving door of members joining and leaving before the final lineup was established.

And speaking of Panic! At the Disco, it was actually original Panic! member Spencer Smith who landed the Cab their record deal with Daceydence Records in 2007. Their final lineup included Alex DeLeon (lead vocals), Joey Thunder (bass), Dave Briggs (drums), and Chance Johnson (guitar, backing vocals).

So not only did this band arise during the emo heyday, they were signed to Fueled by Ramen, the same label as emo kings Panic! At the Disco and Fall Out Boy. Not only that, but the band recorded a song with Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, and featured Wentz, Patrick Stump, and Brendon Urie of P!ATD titled “One of Those Nights.” I recommend watching it just for the nostalgia of Wentz’s emo days look.

Unfortunately, these guys haven’t released any new music since their album Lock Me Up in 2014. This is because in 2015, the band broke up. The break was never officially announced–not even a hiatus. Rather, fans were in the dark until DeLeon announced his new solo project, titled “Bohnes,” that same year.

The thing with DeLeon’s big solo project is, he only released a couple of singles (“Guns and Roses” and “Middle Finger”) in 2015 but hasn’t done anything else. His Twitter feed suggests otherwise, though, seemingly hinting that DeLeon is currently working to create his debut album as Bohnes, rather than the Cab’s lead singer.

I found the band through a Alternative Press article about 10 songs that Brendon had been featured on, and “One of Those Nights” was #8. I saw that it featured him, Wentz and Stump, got excited, and instantly listened to the song. I liked the song a lot and was curious to hear more of the band’s music. I switched over to Spotify, pulled up their page, and hit play. I’ve been hooked for about a week now, and the guilt of not discovering them pre-breakup is almost on par with the same kind of guilt over My Chemical Romance.

Normally I would include social media links for the band, but they’ve been inactive since 2014. Instead, I’ll give you guys a link to my Say Hello! page, where you can feel free to follow my social media for updates about new blog posts! If you like this post, leave a comment about your favorite Cab song OR if you went and checked them out after reading this blog!


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