New Music Monday: Ready to Fire

New Music Monday: Ready to Fire

We’re back to Mondays, I promise! Mostly because I actually have a bit of time right now to write something.

From l-r: Kim Thair, Donna O’Brien, Harrison Smith, Aaron Bryans

This week’s spotlight is going down under with rising band Ready to Fire. From Perth, Australia, this band has a badass female vocalist and some serious potential. They’ve been together for two years now and already have a couple of albums out (click here to listen). I discovered their music last spring while listening to Alternate Press’s AP Discover playlist on Spotify (which has been edited since then). What drew me in was the female vocalist, Donna O’Brien–you don’t hear a lot of female lead singers in [pop-]punk bands these days, and her voice was soft, clear, powerful, and gritty all at once. I made a mental note to check out more of her band’s music–which I clearly did–and ended up hooked.

While they’re still getting off the ground, Ready to Fire recently opened for the AS IT IS Australian tour’s Perth stop (click here for my TBT of their recent album). Sure, that’s only one big gig–but it was for a big up-and-coming band, and speaking from experience, people definitely pay attention to a good opening band. Not to mention, sometimes all it takes is one good opening gig to get your name out there. While you may not be able to see them live if you’re not an Australian, I would definitely keep an ear out in case they travel to near you! Members include O’Brien (vocalist, guitar), Kim Thair (lead guitar), Aaron Bryans (drums), and Harrison Smith (bass).

Ready to Fire’s most recent music video was for their single “Crazy,” off their sophomore album titled Satellites.

Lead singer Donna also recently did an awesome cover of Ed Sheeran’s new song “Castle On the Hill” –watch a clip below, and click here to watch the whole video! 

Go give them a listen on Spotify! And if you like what you here, go follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also subscribe to their YouTube for announcements and music videos, or check out their website for more updates! If you like what you read here, give this blog a follow and click here for links to my social media, which I regularly update about new blogs! If you’re a band or artist looking for some promotion, feel free to email me about consideration for a write-up in future posts.




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