New Music Monday: The Chance

New Music Monday: The Chance

Today’s local band of choice: The Chance. Centered in good old Baltimore, this band has been together for about five years and are still going strong! They actually reached out to me, and I’m so glad they did–their music was like a breath of fresh air into my music library.

From l-r: Jack O’Connell, Chaz Brown, Collin Athas, Matt Jarvis (not pictured: Drew Chiodo).

The band was originally founded by lead singer Collin Athas, guitarist Chaz Brown, and former member Leo Kern. After recording their first album, the Chance went on a brief hiatus; upon reconvening in 2012, they added drummer Jack O’Connell and removed Kern. The current lineup includes Athas (vocals, rhythm guitar), Jack O’Connell (drums), Drew Chiodo (guitar), Matt Jarvis (bass), and Chaz Brown (lead guitar).

To use a friend’s perfect description, listening to their music is like listening to a spring day. They have a good balance of pop, punk, and acoustic going on. If I had to define a single genre, I would say pop rock with a hint of pop-punk. Their songs vary from sweet acoustic numbers to fast pop rock numbers. It’s a perfect mix.

Not only is The Chance very talented, but they’ve also had the opportunity to record at Misty Hill Studios with producers Dan Book and Alexei Misoul, who have worked with All Time Low, The Summer Set, and Hot Chelle Rae in the past. Did I mention that the work was done on the band’s debut EP? You know there’s talent there if two well-known music producers are willing to work with you on your beginning music.

The Chance performs mostly locally, and have opened on local tour stops for bands such as Tonight Alive, Echosmith, and The Downtown Fiction. They also frequently do concerts with fellow local bands, like 3PM and Something More. Now, The Chance is looking to step out of the local scene and do a summer tour! If anyone knows of any venues that would be down to have these guys perform, head over to their Facebook page for contact info.

Their most recent music video was for their song “Red Sweatshirt,” off their most recent album Anything But Ordinary.

ALSO–I will be sitting down soon with The Chance for an interview, so stay tuned for that post!

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