Album Review: “Divide,” Ed Sheeran

Album Review: “Divide,” Ed Sheeran

It’s finally here!! After three years, the last of which was radio silence on his part, Ed Sheeran has released his third full-length album today.

Over the last two months, Sheeran released “Castle on the Hill” and “Shape of You” as a double-single package while simultaneously announcing a new album to be released in March. These two songs, along with the third single “How Would You Feel (Paean),” have been on the top of several music charts. The three singles currently hold the top three spots on the ARIA Singles chart (Australia), which only one other musician has managed to do since the Beatles in 1964!

And in true Ed Sheeran fashion, Divide is a work of art. It’s a perfect blend of emotional tearjerker songs, raps, and upbeat themes. What I particularly like is that the album is a mixture of classic Ed sound and lyrics with more contemporary pop sounds, all while maintaining a distinct quality that instantly marks the music as Sheeran’s.


Divide definitely marks a clear progression in Ed Sheeran’s path as a musician and in his sound. With each album he has become a bit bolder, more adventurous, and more experimental in terms of sound. Divide is his most experimental album to date. You have his original sound, contemporary pop strains, and most interestingly, various worldly sounds. You have African music strains in “Bibia Be Ye Ye,” Irish folk music in “Nancy Mulligan”–which Ed has called “a Gaelic rap rack”— and Spanish guitar in “Eraser,” to name a few.

My personal favorites are “Galway Girl,” “Shape of You,” “New Man,” and “Castle on the Hill.” I also love how “Dive” musically sounds a bit like “Tenerife Sea” (Multiply) but with very different lyrics.

If you haven’t listened to the album yet, do it now! You can stream it below or click here to listen to Divide.

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