Interview: The Chance

Interview: The Chance

After a month of trying, I finally got my interview with The Chance! It was mostly thanks to a school project that it ultimately happened. This is the only time I will ever say “thank you, college” and not mean it sarcastically.

The Chance played a quick set before we got to the interview. And thank goodness they gave me earplugs because wow was it loud in there! (In the best way possible, of course.) They played a four song set, including “The Girl in Black,” a new unreleased song–which I think fans will really love–“Do Me a Favor,” and a rocking cover of The Darkness’ “I Believe In a Thing Called Love.” I already knew that The Chance was good, but this live performance just proved their incredible talent.

After the brief set, instruments were tucked away and everyone circled up to start the interview. Lead singer Collin Athas started us off with a runthrough the band’s history from beginning to now (click here for the history).

Discussion then turned towards band dynamic. As a whole, The Chance felt that their most recent addition, guitarist Drew Chiodo, not only rounded out the band, but also positively influenced the band dynamic. “[Having] been in the band since 2012…this is the most serious I’ve felt the band being,” said drummer Jack O’Connell. “Drew pushes us.”

The dynamic sometimes turns argumentative, but fights are always well-intended and typically beneficial. And at day’s end, The Chance is a tight-knit group of guys. Chiodo mentioned that when the band goes out of town for weekend shows, “we’re all super excited to hang out for the weekend.” Despite only being a fivesome for a brief period of time, the band has instantly melded together to form what I’d say is the final lineup.

The band is a “melting pot” of musical backgrounds. Each member loves different music, thus providing them with a wide pool of sounds to pull from. The Chance is unafraid to explore different sounds, choosing not to stick to just one genre. The Chance’s sound “is all over the place,” said O’Connell. Their sound has evolved over the years, transforming from singer-songwriter into a pop rock sound with various musical strains entwined.

Guitarist Chaz Brown credits the addition of new members to the band’s sound evolution. “Since we’ve added members,” said Brown, “we’ve still been able to retain that [singer-songwriter] vibe…but it’s also gotten us to a more heavy sound.” O’Connell lists Chiodo as a huge asset to the band’s sound progression, stating that having a member with experience in touring and songwriting provides “a lot of good knowledge that we need.”

When creating music, Athas does most of the songwriting. But as bassist Matt Jarvis put it, “everyone’s been bringing…something to the table.” Chiodo backed this, saying “it’s not just someone pushing an agenda…we all have some equal feedback.” Musical inspiration comes from various places, such as older songs, pop rock trends, and musical elements in songs. Lyrical inspiration comes from personal experiences, past relationships, and other people. The Chance currently records in O’Connell’s recording studio, O’Connell Sound.

The Chance has had multiple experiences with collaboration. In addition to Book and Misoul, O’Connell worked with producer Mike Bennett to produce the second album. They also worked with close friend Chris Frick to completely revamp the audio on their sophomore album, “Anything But Ordinary.” That album also included three songs featuring other musical artists. Future collaborations will hopefully include band-wide favorite, Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low.

“Even if he just watched us play and gave us feedback,” said O’Connell, “we’d be happy.”

The Chance has yet to tour, but they are no strangers to performing. The band frequently plays around Maryland with other local bands at concerts and events. They’ve also opened for several big-time bands at local stops, including Tonight Alive and Echosmith. The band’s goal is to open for All Time Low: every Baltimore band’s musical heroes.

Want to meet The Chance? If you’re in the Baltimore area, you can find them at Ottobar this Friday, guest DJ-ing for Emo Night Bawltimore! Tickets are almost gone so get yours soon!! And if you’re from MD or PA, The Chance will be doing a double performance at the upcoming LAUNCH Music Conference in Lancaster, PA on April 13-16. The band is also considering an East Coast summer tour with another local band., so stay tuned!

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