The New Albums of 2017

The New Albums of 2017

2017 is only three months in, and already looking like a promising year for music! An impressive list of bands have announced new albums and release dates, with others hinting to new stuff to come! (I’m looking at you, Sleeping With Sirens.) There’s also the artists who have already released new albums, including Ed Sheeran (Divide), ONE OK ROCK (Ambitions), and AS IT IS (okay.).

So here’s the 2017 album lineup!

The Maine, “Lovely, Little, Lonely,” 4/7

Singles: “Bad Behavior” (1/20), “Black Butterflies and Deja Vu” (3/3)

Go on tour March 25–click here for dates and ticket info

Falling in Reverse, “Coming Home,” 4/7

Singles: “Coming Home” (12/19/16), “Loser” (1/20)

New Found Glory, “Makes Me Sick,” 4/28

Singles: “Happy Being Miserable” (2/16)

Go on tour 3/22–click here for dates and ticket info (fair warning: most stops are sold out!)

Motionless in White, “Graveyard Shift,” 5/5

Singles: “LOUD (F**k It)” (3/2), “570” (6/24/16)

Go on tour 4/7–click here for dates and ticket info

Linkin Park, “One More Light,” 5/19

Singles: “Heavy” ft Kiiara (2/16)

All Time Low, “Last Young Renegade,” 6/2

Singles: “Dirty Laundry” (2/17) (click here for my review!)

Currently on tour with SWMRS, Waterparks, Night Riots, and The Wrecks

Sleeping With Sirens, untitled, 2017

Okay so no one knows anything yet other than it’s happening, thanks to the band’s social media bios. And yeah, there isn’t even a single. But I’m still going to list it because it’s Sleeping With Sirens. I’ll come back and edit once more info is out there!

Paramore, untitled, 2017

Paramore has been hinting at a new album for quite some time now. Normally I would say that hinting for so long without new music may bore fans, but this is Paramore. We’ll always be excited for new music and will put up with the band leading us on if it means new music is the end result!

Avril Lavigne, untitled, 2017

Artist #3 who’s been hinting to a new album since December. Honestly, this is the one I’m most curious about. Avril’s sound has changed the most, and I’m wondering what road she’ll take for this album. My hope is that she pulls on a bit of her 2000s punk roots and mix it with what we heard in 2013 on Avril Lavigne. I have faith that it’ll be good, though, and will be keeping an ear out for any updates!

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