New Music Tuesday: The Maine

New Music Tuesday: The Maine

Back when I first started listening to pop punk, I used iHeartRadio. Any time I liked a song, I wrote down the artist’s name and searched my local library for their albums. The Maine was one of them. All I found back then was Black and White; I never listened their other music until I recently rediscovered the band.

I recently joined a Facebook group for music bloggers, and one member, running the blog Octivoriareviewed The Maine’s latest single, “Black Butterflies and Deja Vu” off their upcoming album Lovely, Little, Lonely (out April 7). I enjoyed her review and the song a lot, and started listening to the band again.

the maine 2
From l-r: Jared Monaco, Garrett Nickelson, John O’Callahan, Patrick Kirch, Kennedy Brock

The Maine is an alternative rock band from Tempe, Arizona. 2017 actually marks the band’s 10-year anniversary. The band is currently signed with Eighty One Twenty Three. The member lineup include John O’Callahan (vocals), Jared Monaco (lead guitar), Garrett Nickelson (bass), Patrick Kirch (drums), and Kennedy Brock (rhythm guitar).

While no music video has been released for “Black Butterflies,” The Maine has released one for the other single off Lovely, Little, Lonely, titled “Bad Behavior.” That single is also very good, and just reaffirms my belief that the new album will be great! You can watch the music video here:

What I personally love about their sound is that it’s just down to earth. It’s fun and grounded, upbeat and a bit poppy while also mixing in rock elements. I think that for them, a mix like that works very well. Listening to their music again and getting a more well-rounded idea of their sound other than the one album I had heard was a great experience, and made me very curious and excited to hear what the new album will sound like!

Like what you hear? Go follow The Maine on Spotify, and check out their website for more info about the new album, their upcoming tour, and more! You can also follow The Maine on FacebookTwitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, and add them on Snapchat (wearethemaine). For more videos, subscribe to their YouTube!

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