New Music Tuesday: Waterparks

New Music Tuesday: Waterparks

The first thing you notice about Waterparks is frontman Awsten Knight, thanks to his bright-colored hair (most recently, a vibrant blue).

waterparks blue hair
From l-r: Geoff Widington, Awsten Knight, Otto Wood

The next thing you notice is how dynamic Waterparks’ sound is. It’s a cool mix of poppier beats with good old pop punk, and it’s a fresh take on a classic sound. What I find interesting is that the band doesn’t have a bassist: a decision they made more for the sake of band dynamic than sound. As Knight told Alternative Press in 2016,  “We like the dynamic that we currently have because…if there was another opinion thrown in the mix or another personality, it might not work as well as it currently does.” However, their 2016 EP Cluster does include bass, played by none other than Mikey Way of former-MCR fame.

Waterparks is a three-piece band from Houstin, TX, formed in 2011 and signed with Equal Vision Records. Their current lineup includes Knight (lead vocals, guitar), Geoff Wigington (backing vocals, guitar), and Otto Wood (drums). Waterparks has released 3 EPs since 2012, and just released their first full-length album with Equal Vision Records last year titled Double Dare. The album featured singles “Stupid for You,” “Hawaii (Stay Awake),” and most recently, “Royal.”

Waterparks is currently on tour with All Time Low, hitting up the British branch of the Last Young Renegade tour. Needless to say I’m excited to see them on the Baltimore stop! I’m curious to hear how they adapt certain songs from the studio version to live performance. Either way I know it’ll all sound amazing, and I’m really psyched!

Like what you hear? Go follow Waterparks on Spotify, and check out their website for more info about Double Dare, their upcoming tour, and more! You can also follow Waterparks on FacebookTwitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. For more videos, subscribe to Equal Vision Record’s YouTube!

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