Single Review: “Last Young Renegade”

Single Review: “Last Young Renegade”

I don’t normally get all emotional and stuff over new music releases (just burst-out-of-my-skin excited). But All Time Low, as you maaay know by now, has a very special place in my heart and are pretty much the only band who could make me get emotional over new music. And yes, I got a tad emotional over this new song!

So just half an hour ago, All Time Low released a new single–and music video for the song–off their upcoming album Last Young Renegade, to be released June 2 (available for preorder). (Click here to see what else comes out this year!) “Last Young Renegade” is, clearly, the title track off the album. In the song, Alex sings about this girl who was “the best thing that ever happened to me” that he unfortunately lost, and he’s reminiscing on his “last young renegade heartbreak.”

“Last Young Renegade” confirms that this new album is definitely taking a slightly different turn sound-wise, and while I’ll miss the original ATL sound, I also 100% love this new direction. This new music is not only good, it’s well-done because it keeps the base elements of what makes All Time Low’s music so distinct–such as driving beats, headbanging tunes, and down-to-earth lyrics. The heart and soul of ATL is still there.

The best thing about this song is it’s a headbanger. You can’t help but rock out to it! It’ll be one of those songs that has the whole crowd jumping at concerts as one mass being. It’s what just may be the next All Time Low anthem song, or at least the banger track from Last Young Renegade. This song has gotten me even more excited than I already was about the upcoming album, and I look forward to hearing the whole thing!♫

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