Track by Track: “Misadventures,” Pierce the Veil

Track by Track: “Misadventures,” Pierce the Veil

Pierce the Veil is one of several bands I’ve been meaning to blog about for weeks now, and am only just getting to. Definitely don’t expect this to be all you see of these guys on here!

Misadventures was released May 13, 2016 under Fearless Records. Many reviews compared this album to Collide With the Sky, calling it a more polished and updated version; Blunt magazine even pointed out certain aspects about Misadventures that call upon elements from each PTV album. Alternative Press described the album as “somehow sound[ing] as epically lavish and theatrical as Muse or Queen—but also punk as fuck .” That description is the most spot on way, in my opinion, to describe Misadventures.

This album is a tumultuous mix of hard-hitting, emotional lyrics and classic Pierce the Veil music. However, certain songs incorporate other styles that are easily identifiable and work very well. This album is so on the mark, and you can clearly hear the effort and heart that the band poured into creating this album.

1. Dive In
The coolest thing about this song is the hook. The first thing heard on Misadventures is guitar feedback into a building riff and soft harmonies underneath, and it just sounds so cool. There’s also the “winding, warm guitars and pained, menacing screams” that emphasize the theme of the song, to me (Rock Sound). “Dive In” is about an abusive relationship: the guy knows his girlfriend is just using him, but he still loves her and is scared to leave her.

2. Texas Is Forever
Apparently this is the fastest song ever written by PTV, according to Loudwire. That doesn’t sound totally right to me, so if anyone thinks of other fast songs, comment them below! AXS described this track as “an eargasm for any fan of punk music.” It’s a song that ties back to the band’s roots and “begs to be played live” (Loudwire). Rock Sound wrote that “the furious ‘Texas Is Forever’ has PTV written all over it,” which I think is undeniably true!

3. The Divine Zero
This song is about suicide and the struggle of drug use and depression. “The Divine Zero” is considered “one of the most vivid suicidal motifs that Pierce The Veil have composed” ( Since it was written by frontman Vic Fuentes, it focuses on his personal difficulties, talking about the connection between his struggle with drugs and depression.the divine zero4. Floral and Fading
“Floral and Fading” is easily one of my favorites off Misadventures. The music video is pretty funny too–and PTV really rocks the ’70s look! (Also doesn’t Vic look like Wilmer Valderama circa That ’70s Show??) The song was written for an ex-girlfriend of Vic’s who during the relation was constantly harassed and treated awfully by people online. Soundwise, this song “sounds the least like Pierce the Veil….This song showcases their first experimentation with a different sound” (AXS). My favorite description was from Rock Sound:  “‘Floral & Fading’ sounds like an ’80s ballad has been given the Pierce The Veil treatment.”

5. Phantom Power and Ludicrous Speed
If you’re a fellow Spaceballs fan, then you get the “ludicrous speed” reference–and if you don’t, Jesus go watch Spaceballs!! You’ll die laughing. As for “phantom power,” that’s an audio term: it’s a power source used to boost the pickup for condenser mics (otherwise they don’t work). As for content, the song is actually about the pressure Vic felt while creating this album (AXS). It took quite a few years to get the album done, and there was constant pressure from fans (and I’m sure record execs) to release already.phantom power ludicrous speed.jpg

6. Circles
So this song may “seem poppy on the surface”, but it’s actually about the Paris Terror Attacks (Blunt). The song tells the fictional story of a couple who were at the fateful Eagles of Death Metal concert in Paris (AXS). This song becomes so heartbreaking to listen to once you know this, especially if you pay attention to the very descriptive lyrics.

7. Today I Saw the Whole World
“Today” is about a former girlfriend of Vic’s who cheated on him with a close friend while Vic was away on tour. Vic told Music Mayhem Magazine that the experience left him feeling betrayed, “like you’ve been kicked in the stomach by two of your friends.” Musically, this song is heavy and beautiful. Rock Sound wrote that this track “is an anthem in the making and will seamlessly slot into their live set.”


8. Gold Medal Ribbon
Another one of my Misadventures favorites, and another heartbreaker. It’s about Vic’s first girlfriend, who died while the album was being created. This song is “a eulogy…that’s 50% Tears For Fears vibes and one half emotional pain that you did not sign up for” (Blunt). The song title is named after the Baskin Robbins ice cream flavor, which was the girl’s favorite flavor (AXS).
gold medal ribbon9. Bedless
This was one of the first songs I listened to off the album and it’s still a fave. As seems to be a trend for Vic lyrically with this album, he’s apologizing to a former girlfriend. This time, the relationship was as “one of those things that kept dragging on for a real long time. Neither of us ever said anything about what we were together….We were super good friends…but it never really went anywhere” (AXS).
bedless10. Sambuka
Yep, this is a reference to the alcoholic drink. It’s misspelled in the title because Vic didn’t know realize he’d mispelled (AXS). The song itself is about long distance relationships while touring, and how hard it is for both people. Personally, I love the lyrics of this song but it’s not one of my favorites on Misadventures.
sambuka11. Song for Isabelle
described “Song for Isabelle” as “by far one of the best songs they’ve ever penned.” It’s about a real girl named Isabelle, whom Vic met on tour. Last time Vic saw her, Isabelle was becoming depressed over how people treat each other; she even confessed suicidal feelings to Vic because it impacted her that much mentally. (She’s still alive, thankfully!)♫
song for isabelle.jpg

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