New Music Tuesday: Real Friends

New Music Tuesday: Real Friends

It seems to me that Real Friends is one of those big pop punk bands who you’ve either been following since forever, or have heard their name (and a couple songs) everywhere and keep meaning to listen to them. I’m the latter…Real Friends was one of those bands that has been on my “listen to” list for a while now.

real friends
From l-r: Kyle Fasel, Brian Blake, Dan Lambton, Eric Haines, Dave Knox

Who are they?

Real Friends is a pop-punk rock band from Tinley Park, IL. They are currently signed with Fearless Records (AS IT IS, The Maine, PTV). The band released album #2 last May, titled The Home Inside My HeadMembers include Kyle Fasel (bass), Dave Knox (guitar), Dan Lambton (vocals), Brian Blake (drums), and Eric Haines (guitar).

What are they up to now?

The band released a new music video for “Empty Picture Frames” (The Home Inside My Head) two weeks ago.

Like most bands after releasing a new album, Real Friends is currently touring. As of right now, they’re in the UK. Then starting later this month, Real Friends is kicking off the US tour and taking along Have Mercy, Tiny Moving Parts, Broadside, and nothing,nowhere for the fun! For tour dates and more info, click here.

What do I think of their sound?

I like it a lot! I wish I had listened to them sooner, I’ve been sorely missing out. They have a great pop punk sound: their genre is clear, but the band has added a special something I can’t quite place that makes the band and their sound unique. I enjoyed the new album, and I’m gonna attempt to make it to their tour stop at Baltimore Soundstage. I look forward to keeping up with the band!

Like what you hear? Go follow Real Friends on Spotify, and check out their website for more info about the new album, their tour, and more! You can also follow Real Friends on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. For more videos, subscribe to Fearless Records’ YouTube channel!

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