Album Review: “The Dream Reel,” Fox Hollow

Album Review: “The Dream Reel,” Fox Hollow

It is not every day a band emails you with the honorable offer to pre-review their debut EP! So a quick thank you to the talented Fox Hollow for reaching out to me, I feel honored.

Fox Hollow is a four-piece band from Long Island, NY. They are pretty new to the music scene, having just formed last year. But Fox Hollow was smart, and right away began gigging and touring. Fox Hollow’s sound is rooted in the early Long Island emo scene, containing a variety of musical tastes–as well as a show based in the ’70s Art-Rock scene. Members include Mike Themistocleous (vocals, guitar), Joe Oliveto (guitar), Dan DeLucia (bass), and Chris Swift (drums, backing vocals).

The Dream Reel is very cohesive and put together for a debut EP. The tracks are well-done, and the audio is clean. Musically, the album is amazing. It appeared to be split in two: the first two tracks have a dream-like quality, mostly due to the bass-heavy songs, while the last two tracks take up the tempo.

The opening track, “June,” is highly reminiscent of Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” (1967). It is audible in the opening of the track and the bass line throughout. Themistocleous’ vocals are smooth and calming, lulling one into a dreamlike state. DeLucia’s skill with the bass is evident, and really carried this track.

“Tennesee Whiskey” was my favorite of the four tracks.  The tempo of the song and the buildups were great. This is a song meant to be performed live, while still sounding good on recording.

Screenshot (6).png

“The Dream Reel” initially sounds like a a jam track, which I would have been happy with! Then the vocals began over while the jamming-esque music continued to play underneath. The whole track was inter-cut between focus on vocals and jam interludes, which made for a cool and dynamic track.

The closing track, “Strangers to Ourselves,” had the coolest opening. The guitar swells and drumbeat gave me chills. I enjoyed the contrast between the rock sound of the song and the softer vocals. Themistocleous’ voice carries clearly without being overpowered, which is quite a feat considering the song focuses more on the instrumentals.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this EP. Fox Hollow has an amazingly unique sound that feels like a fresh breath into today’s rock scene. I am so happy to have heard them early on, and look forward to hearing more from Fox Hollow. Fox Hollow, welcome to the rock scene!♫

If you want to listen to and/or purchase The Dream Reel, it’s available now on bandcamp, and will be available soon on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, and Soundcloud!

**edit 9/16/2017: links to find The Dream Reel on the aforementioned platforms have been added.

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