A Quick Life Update

A Quick Life Update

Well today is–or was supposed to be–New Music Tuesday as you guys know by now (or hopefully do!).

Unfortunately today was a tad crazier than usual. While I usually have or at least try to take a few minutes on Tuesdays to write up a quick New Music Tuesday, I genuinely didn’t have even have that kind of time. You can blame my professors for that!

But truthfully, I really do have to put my homework first. Because college doesn’t care about the other parts of your life, like the sites you run or the job you work. And with the semester in its last month, things are really piling on right now. So I apologize to my beloved readers about any potential lack of or just less blog posts over the next month, but please stick around to see what I do get up!

And in the meantime, please feel free to read my past posts, including my latest review of Fox Hollow’s debut EP! And check out my social media for updates on when I do get posts up! I also regularly update my social media, particularly my music Instagram (which you can see in the sidebar/below this post, depending on your current device), quite regularly, so you won’t be bored, I promise 😛


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