New Music Tuesday: State Champs

New Music Tuesday: State Champs

Well, afters weeks of certain friends (y’all know who you are!) pushing me to listen to State Champs, I have finally caved. And you were all right: State Champs is awesome. I’m already annoyed at myself for not listening to them earlier and missing out on their recent concert.

state champs 2
From l-r: Evan Ambrosio, Tyler Szalkowski, Derek DiScanio, Ryan Scott Graham, Tony Diaz

For anyone who isn’t aware of who exactly State Champs is, here’s some background. State Champs is a pop punk band hailing from Albany, NY. The band was founded in 2010 by Tyler Szalkowski and Derek DiScanio. They are currently signed with Pure Noise Records, with whom they’ve released two full-length albums and two EPs. Members include DiScanio (vocals), Szalkowski (lead guitar), Tony “Rival” Diaz (rhythm guitar), Ryan Scott Graham (bass), and Evan Ambrosio (drums).

State Champs has such a cool punk sound that drew me in right away. And because I was listening to all their music from over the years on shuffle, I got to hear a blend of their old and new music. The band has evolved musically quite nicely, maintaining the core of their sound over the years while cleaning up arrangements just a tad recently. And their acoustic songs were amazing. I particularly loved “Around the World and Back” featuring Ansley Newman (Jule Vera).

In March, State Champs released a music video for their new song “Slow Burn,” one of the two new tracks on the band’s recently released deluxe version of Around the World and Back (2015). This re-release includes two live tracks, two acoustic tracks, two new songs, and a full feature DVD with tour footage. Click here for more info.

Like what you hear? Go follow State Champs on Spotify, and check out their website for more info about the re-release, tours, and more! You can also follow State Champs on FacebookTwitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, and add them on Snapchat (statechampsny). For more videos, subscribe to Pure Noise’s YouTube!

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