Single Review: “Life of the Party” and “Nice2KnoU,” All Time Low

Single Review: “Life of the Party” and “Nice2KnoU,” All Time Low

While I usually try to review singles separately, timing-wise I wasn’t able to review “Life of the Party” so here we are!

Life of the Party

“Life of the Party” is single #3 off All Time Low’s upcoming albumLast Young Renegade, to be released June 2. This song got me so hyped for the album (but then again, so did the first two singles!) “Life of the Party” is such a head-bopper and makes me want to dance as hard as I can. Like the first two singles, “Life of the Party” takes a more pop, EDM-tinged approach to pop punk. A lot of fans seemed pretty unhappy about ATL’s new angle but personally, I absolutely love it; I think the band is really making it work for them.

All Time Low released a music video along with the single. What I enjoyed about this video is how it contains the same red, blue and navy color scheme of the other Last Young Renegade videos. I’m starting to wonder if the band will gather the characters, so to speak, from the other LYR videos in one last video.


All Time Low released this single at midnight today. And I have to say, I LOVED this song. I fell in love from the first note and the awesome panning effect they used in the hook. “Nice2KnoU” is reminiscent of the Don’t Panic era, successfully mixing the band’s sound from that album with their modern take on pop punk. Chalk this song up as another one of All Time Low’s amazing anthem songs because that’s where I see this song going!

All Time Low uploaded the following post on Facebook earlier today, explaining the touching story behind this song.

Like with “Life of the Party” (and the other singles off the album), a music video was released along with the single. The music video was shot in Baltimore, featuring several landmarks from the band’s history and a couple of places referenced in past songs (think “Six Feet Under the Stars“).

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