New Music Tuesday: HAIM

New Music Tuesday: HAIM

Girl groups are becoming rarer as time passes. Most female musicians are either the frontwoman of the band, like Tonight Alive‘s Jenna McDougall, or are single artists. So finding a group like HAIM is like finding a gem!

If you’re a regular watcher of Saturday Night Live (SNL) like me, then the group’s name will sound familiar. HAIM appeared as the musical guest in the May 13 episode, hosted by Melissa McCarthy. This was the band’s second time performing on the show; they first performed on SNL in Nov. 2013.

I vaguely recall seeing one of HAIM’s songs on iTunes as the free single of the week back in 2013, but I didn’t listen to it then. But when I saw the girls perform on SNL, my interest peeked and I felt compelled to give their music a chance. It wasn’t a chance wasted, I’ll say that!

What I find so cool about HAIM isn’t just that they’re an all-girls pop rock band, which you don’t find much of today. It’s that they’re a Jewish all-girls group, with a super chill, cool and unique sound.

haim goofy
From l-r: Este, Daniella, Alana

A bit of background: HAIM is a band made up of three sisters–Este (bass), Danielle (guitar, lead vocals), and Alana Haim (guitar and keyboards)– and drummer Dash Hutton. The band originates from San Fernando Valley, Cali., where the girls were born and raised in a Jewish home with musical parents. What started out as a cover band, as well as Danielle playing guitar for Jerry Lewis’ touring band, eventually led to the girls forming a band of their own. HAIM is currently signed with Roc Nation. The band’s name comes from the Hebrew word “haim,” which means “life.”

HAIM is currently working on their second studio album, Something to Tell You, out July 7. They have released two singles off the album: “Want You Back” and “Right Now.” “Right Now” was one of the two songs sung in HAIM’s SNL performance.

Like what you hear? Check out HAIM on Spotify to hear more! You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as subscribe to their YouTube for more videos! You can also pre-order HAIM’s upcoming album off their website!

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