New Music Tuesday: Cilver

New Music Tuesday: Cilver

Thank god for the Women of Rock playlist on Spotify, because I love female rockers and it’s helped me find quite a few good new bands, like today’s artist. I put the playlist on shuffle earlier, and Cilver’s song “I’m America” was the first to come on. I instantly liked what I heard and clicked over to the artist’s page to hear more. And I really liked what I heard!

cilverCilver is a rock band from New York. The band initially began as a duo between vocalist Uliana Preotu and guitarist Lyzazidi, who were both first-generation immigrants from Europe, interestingly. The band consists of Preotu (vocals), Lyazidi (guitar), Josh Pillbox (bass), and Ramsey Modiri (guitar), and Cristina.

(I apologize for the limited background info, but the only info I could find on the band was on their Facebook page and it seemed to be missing some info!)

Cilver reminded me of The Pretty Reckless and Halestorm musically, but with more of a hard rock edge than TPR. Lyrically, Cilver’s music covers the usual rock topics, while also containing an interesting “forge-your-own-path and defy-conventional-wisdom-against-all-possible-odds mentality.

The band released a new album in 2016 titled Not the End of the WorldThe album features the singles “I’m America” and “Afterlife.” So far, Cilver has released a music video for the former (see below) and a lyric video for “Afterlife.”

As one of few female rockers/female frontwomen, Preotu is constantly working to make rock and roll a more female-oriented world, rather than one dominated primarily by male bands. Since the entire band is also first- and second-generation immigrants, they all have a strong sense of loyalty to America–hence the song “I’m America”–and have even called themselves “the very definition of America.

Cilver is currently back in the studio to work on their next album.

Like what you hear? Check out Cilver on Spotify to hear more! You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, as well as subscribe to their YouTube for more videos! Check out their website for announcements, videos, and merch!

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