Single Review: “Good Times,” All Time Low

Single Review: “Good Times,” All Time Low

I’ve been a fan of All Time Low for a while now, and as far as I know, the band has never had this many singles PRE-album! That’s right, two hours ago, All Time Low decided to tease fans just a bit more and release a fifth single, titled “Good Times,” off the upcoming album Last Young Renegade, coming out Friday.

“Good Times” is an amazing song. The track opens with an echoing voice and slow guitars, which play alone for a few seconds before the vocals begin. It’s the slowest of the singles, while still being up-tempo. It’s more stripped down than the other singles as well–not necessarily in the sense of instruments, but “Good Times” utilizes synthesizers and the EDM/pop touch much less than the other singles. There’s more of a focus on the guitars and drums, which was also heard on “Dirty Laundry.” It’s just such a nostalgic track that feels like a breath of fresh air.

While All Time Low didn’t release a music video for the single, they did release a lyric video!

Upon the release of the song, All Time Low shared the following message across social media:

I’m so freaking happy and in love with this song that I’m quite literally on the verge of tears. With each single the band has released, I’ve grown increasingly excited for the album–which comes out in two days!!–and I have yet to be disappointed with what I’ve heard. I am genuinely looking forward to hearing the full album and writing my review, which I already know will be full with nothing but happy words and praise.

I’m going to see All Time Low this Saturday at their acoustic performance/signing at Sound Garden in Baltimore and I’m so excited!! This will be the first time I see ATL live, and I’m over the moon that an acoustic concert right after an album release will be my first time. If anyone else will be at the show, comment below and let me know! I’d love to get to meet some of my readers 🙂

You can listen to the new single here:

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