Single Review: “Legends,” Sleeping With Sirens

Single Review: “Legends,” Sleeping With Sirens

At midnight on Friday July 14, Sleeping With Sirens released their first piece of new music since Madness (2015). The new single, “Legends,” is the first single off the band’s upcoming fifth studio album (more on that in a second).

I thoroughly enjoyed the new song. It was such a jam, but also anthemic. Listening to this song feels like injecting a shot of empowerment through your earbuds. It reminded me of Fall Out Boy‘s new single “Champion,” slightly because of the titles but more because of the content theme. Both are about being young but knowing that it’s always possible to be able to do anything, to become someone and take a stand for something. The two songs are incredibly empowering in their own, slightly similar ways, and I love it.

Musically, “Legends” comes across as a song that would also do well on pop airwaves, like Fall Out Boy’s singles on American Beauty/American Psycho. It mixes real instruments with the moderate use of synthesizers and digital music, without overwhelming the actual instruments. As Sleeping With Sirens is a band that rarely uses digital instrumentation or synthesizers, I felt this was an interesting route to take for such a song, and one that worked well for such a song. That usage added a certain intensity and haunting sound to “Legends,” and peaked my curiosity for how the rest of the upcoming album will sound.

Yes, you read that right. With the release of “Legends,” Sleeping With Sirens officially announced the title and release date of album #5: Gossip, to be released September 22. Let me remind you that Fall Out Boy is also releasing their new album Mania a mere four days earlier on September 18. I don’t know about you, but September is looking promising for new music!

On the day of its release, “Legends” was declared the official song for Team USA in the 2018 Winter Olympics:

And to sweeten all of these announcements, Sleeping With Sirens announced the Gossip tour today! From what I can gather, this tour will be mostly in smaller venues (although feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, as I don’t know much about the other show venues!) and done in a more intimate fashion, similar to the concert heard on Sleeping With Siren’s Live and Unplugged album. Whether these shows will also be acoustic, I guess I’ll find out when I go to the Baltimore stop! Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10 a.m. central time.

You can watch the lyric video for “Legends” here:

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