Single Review: “Sorry Not Sorry,” Demi Lovato

Single Review: “Sorry Not Sorry,” Demi Lovato

Pop music is a genre I oft prefer to not write about, but Demi Lovato will forever hold a special place in my musical heart. As such, I hit play on this track with mixed expectations, as I was not a fan of Confident. However, I found myself pleasantly surprised with what I heard.

Sorry Not Sorry” is Lovato’s latest single, released July 11 with Island Records. This was Lovato’s first music release since her self-proclaimed break beginning in October 2016. She released the following message on Twitter the day before releasing the single:

I enjoyed the lyrics of the song. “Sorry Not Sorry” is a song for the haters, particularly those in her past. In the song, Lovato sings about being on the top while these haters of the past Demi are now regretting their words. While Lovato may not be the first to create a song with lyrical content like this, I liked her approach. She’s not trying to target certain people, or writing angrily. And in her case, Lovato has somewhat earned the right to essentially say “F- you” to the haters, due to her ongoing struggles with confidence and mental health.

demi lovato

As always, Lovato’s amazing vocal range was on full display in this single, and once again blew me away with her vocal talent. But musically, I was not a fan. While this is in part due to my dislike of pop music, it was also partially because I have been a fan of Lovato since “Camp Rock” and have followed Lovato’s musical evolution. I try to refrain from criticizing artists who change their sound over time; however, I personally feel that Lovato’s more pop-centered music is less enjoyable than her original punk-and-2000s-rock sound. But–that is merely my personal opinion: I do not mean to say that her current sound is terrible, as I do find it mildly enjoyable, but rather that I prefer and miss her original sound. I will also say that I do enjoy some of the poppier tracks off her last three albums. I think that with time and a few more listens, “Sorry Not Sorry” is one of her pop songs I may come to enjoy–I’ll attribute my head-bopping to the beat as potential evidence of that!

Lovato has not released a music video or lyric video for the song at this time. However, the singer has been teasing fans with images and clips from the upcoming music video.

You can listen to “Sorry Not Sorry” here:

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