New Music Tuesday: With Confidence

New Music Tuesday: With Confidence

With Confidence is one of those bands whose name you have probably heard around the punk scene, but rarely actually listen to. Chances are you know the name from this year’s list of nominees (and winners) at the 2017 APMAs.

Who are they?

With Confidence is a punk rock band from Sydney, Australia, formed in 2012 as a high school group. The band is currently signed with Hopeless Records (New Found Glory, Tonight Alive). Prior to signing with Hopeless Records, With Confidence released two EPs. Upon signing with Hopeless Records in January 2016, the band released their debut LP,  Better Weather, in June 2016. Members include Joshua Brozzesi (drums), Inigo Del Carmen (guitar, backing vocals), Jayden Seeley (vocals, bass), and Luke Rockets (guitar).

How do they sound?

I have heard a few of the band’s songs in the past, mostly off their EP DistanceWhat I enjoy about With Confidence’s music is that it is clean: their music is punk without feeling overly raucous or overwhelming. Those two qualities are normally good ones to have for punk bands, but it feels somewhat refreshing to have at least one band who does not reach for that almost over-the-top effect, with heavy instruments. I truly enjoyed listening to Better Weather, and look forward to hearing more from this band! I think they have a pretty good future ahead of them, if their current music is anything to go by.

What are they up to?

With Confidence recently won the award for “Best New Artist Video” for the music video for their single “Voldemort” (Better Weather) at the 2017 APMAs. The band was also nominated for “Best Underground Band.”

With Confidence’s cover of “Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day was also a part of Kerrang! magazine’s second Green Day tribute CD, titled American Superhits!. The album featured covers of Green Day songs by various punk bands/artists, including Andy Black (“21 Guns“), AS IT IS (“She“), and Waterparks (“Hitchin’ a Ride“).

With Confidence also released a music video for the song “Archer” (Better Weather) on June 14, which provided a behind-the-scenes look at the band’s tour.

With Confidence is will be doing an Australian tour in August, and will be joined by Seaway and WSTR. The band will then join Mayday Parade on their 10th anniversary tour for A Lesson in Romantics. Also going on the A Lesson in Romantics tour is Waterparks and All Get Out.

Like what you hear? Check out With Confidence on Spotify! You can also find them on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, and subscribe to Hopeless Records’ YouTube for music videos and other content! You can also check out their website for tour info, merch, and more!

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