Single Review: “Empire to Ashes,” Sleeping With Sirens

Single Review: “Empire to Ashes,” Sleeping With Sirens

Sleeping With Sirens has just released their second single of Gossip and it’s a ringer!

On midnight Friday August 4, Sleeping With Sirens released “Empire to Ashes,” the second single off Gossip, coming out September 22.

One of my first thoughts about this song is it’s vaguely Green Day-esque. There’s something about the guitar arrangements and the drums that felt reminiscent of Green Day. The lyrics (which you can read in full here) struck a similar note to Green Day lyrics as well, both older and newer. There is also a lot of musical similarity to Amaranthe’s “Drop Dead Cynical.”

The song may be referencing the hit HBO show “Game of Thrones,” according to fan comments. As someone who recently starting watching the show (I know, I’m incredibly late to the punch), I can definitely see what people mean: particularly in lyrics such as “The lion and the wolf/…Battle of the bastards/Trying to break through.”

Like “Legends,” “Empire to Ashes” is anthemic. But unlike “Legends,” this song has rock roots rather than the pop sound heard on the first single. A mix of driving guitars and bass, a steady heartbeat-like drum line, and vocalist Kellin Quinn’s intense vocals blend together to form a song that makes you want to jump up and do something. I’d even list this song as a great workout song: it has the perfect tempo for running, and sets the motivational tone you want when working out. My only criticism of this song is that it leaves out Quinn’s signature higher notes and there’s no screaming, the latter of which would seem so fitting on a track like this. However, I do have hope that both will be heard on other tracks!

You can watch the lyric video here:

Sleeping With Sirens kicks off the Gossip Tour this Friday in Ohio! Fun fact: if you purchase a ticket for this tour, you receive a physical or digital copy (your choice) of Gossip along with your ticket! For more information and ticket links about the upcoming Gossip tour, click here.

For my review of Sleeping With Sirens’ single “Legends,” click here.

To hear more from Sleeping With Sirens, check them out on Spotify! You can also find them on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Snapchat (swsband), and subscribe to their YouTube for music videos and other upcoming surprises! Check out their website for tour info, merch, and more!

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