Single Review – “The Last of the Real Ones” – Fall Out Boy

Single Review – “The Last of the Real Ones” – Fall Out Boy

While they might have delayed the album’s release, Fall Out Boy is still more than happy to tide fans over with surprise trophies and a new single.

On Friday September 8, Fall Out Boy posted the following image across social media, referencing in the caption a former post featuring a to-do list.

crossing things off that to do list ✔️🗒️ 🏆

A post shared by Fall Out Boy (@falloutboy) on

Since then, the band has sent out several trophies and messages to various fans.

Then on Tuesday, Fall Out Boy posted their traditional teaser post about a new single:

At midnight today, Fall Out Boy released single #3, titled “The Last of the Real Ones,” off their upcoming album Mania (to be released January 19, 2018)!

This song is incredibly different from the first two singles, and took me surprise. I had expected to hear something in a deeper tone, something edgier, as per the first two singles. And instead, I got a more lighthearted song that felt like something off Save Rock and Roll. “The Last of the Real Ones” ditched the heavy synthesizer use of “Champion” and “Young and Menace,” opting for more minimal synth use paired with a focus on regular instruments. A piano was featured on the track, which created a lighter tone for the song that highly contrasts to the more intense feel of the previous singles.

The lyrics are almost poetic, describing how it feels to love a “real one,” i.e. someone who shows you all of them with no secrets. The title line is repeated often in the chorus, as if the guy is praising the girl’s bravery for being so open with him. One line I particularly liked was “I wonder if your therapist knows everything about me“–he realizes he isn’t the only one his lover is truly honest with. There appears to be two references to older FOB tracks: “Golden” (“You were too good to be true/Gold plated“) and “Young Volcanoes” (“I’m here at the beginning of the end“).

I thoroughly enjoyed this song. Fall Out Boy never disappoints me with the music they release, and I’m constantly amazing at the diversity of their music and how they’ve evolved over the years. I’m psyched for the new album, although I’m sad that I have to wait another few months rather than two more days (the initial release date was September 16). I think it’s great that the band was honest with fans about their reasons why, and their commitment to making only the best music for their fans. (Click here to see the band’s delay announcement.)

A music video was released along with the new single. And it’s…odd, to say the least. It brings back the llamas we saw in the “Young and Menace” music video. However, the video itself is just slow-paced, doesn’t seem to really fit the song, and overall left me thinking “what the heck did I just watch?”

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