New Music Tuesday: KOZEN

New Music Tuesday: KOZEN

That’s right, New Music Tuesdays are back! But a quick disclaimer: since my life keeps me pretty busy, it is not guaranteed I’ll be able to do this weekly, but I’ll certainly try to at least do it biweekly!

This week, I got lucky enough to have a band reach out to me! So thank you to KOZEN for generously reaching out to me and introducing me to your music.

Who are they?

Kozen 02
From l-r: Jared Leal, Sidone Harrison, Max Kozen, Jericho Leal, Jonathan Artiside

KOZEN is a hard rock/progressive band from Toronto, Canada. The band was started as a solo project by lead vocalist/guitarist Maxwell “Max” Kozen in 2013 (hence the band name), until Kozen and Jericho Leal, who met via a university philosophy course, turned KOZEN into a full-fledged band. The band’s lineup includes Max Kozen (vocals, guitar), Jericho Leal (guitar), Sidone Harrison (keys, vocals), Jonathan Artiside (bass), and Jared Leal (drums). Harrison also plays in “Lost Boy” singer Ruth B.’s touring band.

How do they sound?

KOZEN has a very cool, unique sound. I felt like I was listening to Breaking Benjamin with a twist–and a vocalist with wider range! The first track I listened to by KOZEN was their latest single “Barricade,” and the first thing heard is Kozen’s high notes. I always enjoy a male vocalist whose range includes high notes, as that shows serious talent. Musically, the band adds a certain haunting beauty to the harshness of metal rock, which works in the best way possible. What’s fascinating about this band, though, is that if you look at the band’s bios on the band website, each member is influenced by all sorts of music–from gospel, to classic and metal rock, to reggae, and more. Their music is diversely influenced, and it shows.

What are they up to?

KOZEN released the single “Barricade,” along with a music video, in November 2016 as the first single off their debut LP, set to release in 2018. More recently, KOZEN did a short summer tour around Ontario and Quebec, accompanied by We the Flowers. As of now, the band has been finishing up their debut LP and gigging around Ontario. They can be seen next at Indie Week Canada in November.

Like what you hear? Check out KOZEN on Spotify! Be sure to follow them on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, and subscribe to their YouTube for music videos and other content! You can also check out their website for tour info, merch, and more!

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