New Music Tuesday – Tarah Who?

New Music Tuesday – Tarah Who?

West Coast (and everywhere else), listen up. There’s a rocking gem of a grunge band hidden in your midst, and it’s about time you met them!

Who are they?

Tarah Who? is a three-piece band based in LA. The band was founded in 2006 by vocalist Tarah Carpenter, who was born in Paris and began playing music at age 14 when she received her first drum kit. Carpenter played drums and bass in Paris with bands for a few years before moving to LA to explore the music scene there. She did her first solo gig in response to a Craigslist ad. The band’s lineup features Carpenter (vocals, guitar), Matt Peltcher (bass, background vocals), and Coralie Hervé (drums, background vocals).

From l-r: Coralie Hervé, Tarah Carpenter, Matt Peltcher

How do they sound?

The band’s Facebook page lists their sound as “cowpunk rock alternative grunge.” Needless to say, that had me a bit confused–and nervous–as to what to expect. But once I actually listened, I was hooked. Tarah Who? has a solid grunge sound going on, putting a modern twist on 90s grunge. I recommended the band to my dad, who shares a similar music taste to me, and even his first thought was “this sounds like 90s music.” Several tracks, such as “Human to Be” (Little Out There), had me feeling like I was listening to an modern Nirvana. Some of it has to do with the vocals: they’re deep, soulful, and filled with the growl of 90s singers. In a time when the 90s are making a comeback, a band like Tarah Who? is prime listening. It also helps that Tarah Who? makes sure to feature the band’s musical talent, often striking a great balance between focus on vocals and on music.

What are they up to?

Tarah Who? released a new EP on June 21, titled Half Middle Child Syndrome. A music video for the single “Little Pieces” was released five days prior to the EP. 

Tarah Who? will be a part of the lineup for Halloween Havoc 3 on October 20, hosted at Malones Concert Venue in Santa Ana, CA. For more info, click here.

The band will also be playing a mini-tour around California and Las Vegas. 

A quick thank you to Stencil PR, who reached out and recommended to me a list of several bands, Tarah Who? included. I look forward to listening to them all, and for my readers, stay tuned for more New Music Tuesdays!

Like what you hear? Check out Tarah Who? on Spotify! You can also find the band on iTunes and Soundcloud. Be sure to follow them on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, and subscribe to their YouTube for music videos and other content! You can also check out their website for show dates, videos, and more!

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