Review – “Not Warriors” – Waterparks

Review – “Not Warriors” – Waterparks

Waterparks nearly gave fans a heart attack when out of nowhere yesterday morning, they tweeted the following:

Not Warriors” is Waterparks’ third single from the upcoming album Entertainment, out Jan 26. The single officially premiered on Sirius XM’s The Emo Project station at 12 p.m. PT (3 p.m. EST), and went on streaming services at midnight.

I’m hooked on “Not Warriors.” It’s got a great vibe to it; the song is a bit poppier than the previous singles, but that’s not out of character for Waterparks. If anything, they somehow make their poppier songs still feel pop punk-y. The song is a bop and feels very laid-back. “Not Warriors” feels like a song that you should probably add to your summer/road trip/spring break playlist, because it has this bright-sound that makes you think of sunny days. But like “Lucky People,” the song’s cheeriness belies the more serious lyrical content.

In the song, vocalist Awsten Knight describes his real, untainted-by-substances feelings for a girl (“There’s nothing in my system/So I’m feeling what I feel for you“), and his fear that she doesn’t like him back (“And I just need you to feel it too“). Knight hints in the chorus that he normally has alcohol in his system, which numbs or lessens any feelings he has…but now he’s clean and is feeling everything strongly. This girl clearly means a lot to him; he even states at one point that “I think you saved my life.”  “Not Warriors” references “The Office,” as well as two other tracks off the album (“Lucky People” and “Sleep Alone”).

If I have to be frank (and I sort of do), “Not Warriors” was not my favorite of the three singles. That’s not to say it’s in any way a bad song–it really is a solid track. But my personal ranking is “Lucky People,” “Blonde,” then “Not Warriors.” I do look forward to hearing this song come on my shuffle, and you can bet I’ll be dancing and singing along!

Entertainment is available for pre-order, with the immediate receiving of singles “Blonde,” “Lucky People,” and “Not Warriors.”

Be sure to check out my reviews of “Blonde” and “Lucky People!”

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