Review – “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore” – Moose Blood

Review – “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore” – Moose Blood

I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore is Moose Blood’s third studio album, released with Hopeless Records.

The new album is not bad, but not great. Most tracks were indiscernible from one another, with only a few standout tracks. I couldn’t name individual tracks if you asked me to. Don’t get me wrong, Moose Blood is certainly talented and has some great potential. However, it felt like the band was playing it safe and not doing as much as they could have.

The album is two dimensional at best. Moose Blood came up with some great lyrical content filled with emotion and depth, but the songs don’t reflect that. The music stays nearly the same from track to track. Vocalist Eddy Brewerton has a good voice and decent range, but his voice has no emotion. There is no vocal inflections, no emotional tone, conveyed at all.

I felt genuinely bored while listening. Moose Blood clearly has a definitive pop-punk sound that, like Blink-182, makes identifying their music as theirs easy. But unlike Blink-182, Moose Blood lacks an ability for dynamics. Even bands with signature sounds shake things up a little on each track, but Moose Blood barely tried.

The album’s first two tracks, both of which were released as singles, are solid, energetic tracks that sound great over headphones and are certainly “blast over speakers”-worthy. “Have I Told You Enough” is a confession to an ex that the guy still loves her (“Haven’t I told you enough you’re where I’m meant to be?“). “Talk In Your Sleep” was the album’s first single and a personal favorite of mine. The band did a genius publicity stunt, uploading the sheet music to their website prior to release so fans could recreate it on their own. (Read my full review here.)

“Just Outside,” the album’s fourth single, was when I began to notice the musical similarities–and found my attention beginning to waver. “You Left Me in the Worst Way” got my attention back temporarily with the drum intro, but once the body of the song kicked in, I was only half-listening. “All the Time” is reminiscent of The Maine‘s cover of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself,” and is one of the few tracks to musically convey emotions.

“Can We Stay Like This” is a standout track. It has great drums, and made me think of early All-American Rejects. This was a song that better showed off Brewerton’s range, particularly on the chorus. “Can We Stay Like This” and “Pull Me From the Floor” were two songs that really stood out musically to me. “Pull Me From the Floor” has an upbeat tempo and regains the energy found on the album’s first two tracks.

“Walk All Day With You,” the album’s sole acoustic track, was the only song I actually skipped towards the end because I was so bored, bordering on sleepy. Some acoustic songs stay the same throughout, but this wasn’t one of them. “Walk All Day,” along with the closing track “It’s Too Much,” were just dull. Moose Blood’s slower songs leave something to be desired.

When the first two singles came out, I had a different idea of where this album was going to go. Instead, I got more of the same softcore pop-punk stuff that didn’t try anything new.

As I said, Moose Blood clearly has talent. They’re still learning their sound and what they can do with it, and have plenty of time to grow and change. But I feel that they may have rushed too fast to release a new album, considering their last release was only in 2016. There was so much more I think could have been done with more time.

Maybe this album sounds good to others, especially dedicated fans of the band. But this reviewer just didn’t see it.

What did you think of I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore? Let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Review – “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore” – Moose Blood

  1. This review was horrible and could not be any more wrong. Maybe if you opened your ears and had a bit of creativity you would’ve known what you were talking about. Better luck next time.


    1. You seem to have missed the part where I purposely stated that other people may have different opinions on this album than myself, and that this review is based on my personal opinion–as all reviews are. I actually did open up my ears, listening to the album twice through and then some before writing anything, as I truly try to be a positive reviewer. If you don’t believe me, feel free to check out other reviews of mine for evidence.


  2. Great review! Can you do a review for 30 Seconds to Mars’ new single “One Track Mind” featuring rapper/hip-hop artist A$AP Rocky? Would like your opinion on it!


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