Get to Know Me

Get to Know Me

Welcome to my music blog! This is my space to talk about any and all music-related topics, and to share my love of music with others.

I’m currently a junior at Towson University, where I’m majoring in Mass Communications (PR) with a minor in Theatre Arts.  I intend to take what I’ve learned into either the music or theater industries, be it by writing for a publication, or working on a marketing team for a label, band or theater. Until recently I was majoring in Audio Production, as music has always been an important part of my life and I wanted to learn how to create it. Unfortunately, I learned very quickly that the production side is not quite for me, so I chose to focus on something else I do well: writing!

I’m a total music-oholic (I’m still waiting for a real term!). I almost always have earbuds in or music playing in the background. It’s become a hobby of sorts to find new music–something that inspired my weekly “New Music Tuesday” posts. I try to make it to concerts when I can. My first show was in July 2016, when I saw Disturbed and Breaking Benjamin at Jiffy Lube (VA). My favorite show to date has been the All Time Low acoustic show at Sound Garden that I attended in early June 2017.

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